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Boy Overboard has a new look!


Why must Fate insist on having the last word?


Spoiled rich kid, Riko Walker, has spent the last summer roaming the New England coast, working hard to maintain the rudderless image his father believes. Riko doesn’t need his father or anybody else. Until a beating leaves him broken and alone in the middle of nowhere.


Braxton Harper’s inner voice screams “don’t get involved!” when he finds a bloodied and beaten young man in a heap on the roadside. He’s gotten good at ignoring that voice, though, and loads the stranger into his truck, promising him a place to rest and heal.


The Titanic-sized chip on Riko’s shoulder makes Braxton want to drop this ungrateful brat and be on his way. After all, no one handed Braxton anything in life. He’s worked hard for what he has. If Riko doesn’t want help, why bother?


Fate has no patience for their stubbornness, throwing the two together time after time. How can sparks fly between two so different men? And can they move past ugly beginnings to find their common ground?


This story includes scenes involving homophobia and animal welfare that, while done in a caring and thoughtful manner, may be disturbing to some people. Reader discretion is advised.


Love and Hope cover.jpg

❤️🧡💛💚💙 ═ 🏳️‍🌈═❤️🧡💛💚💙

Love and Hope


A limited-time anthology to benefit one of our own, H.M. Wolfe.


Twenty-six of your favorite MM authors have come together to donate short stories filled with love and hope for our dear friend. 100% of the proceeds go directly to her to aid in her time of need. While she’s recuperating, we wanted to fill her kindle with love and support in the best way we know how by sharing our words of love and healing.


Authors included in this anthology are:

TL Travis

BL Maxwell

Brina Brady

Miski Harris

Ann MacConnell Lister

Wendy Rathbone

Nic Starr

Shane K Morton

Anne Barwell

Sam E. Kraemer

Holly Oliver

Layla Dorine

Aria Grace

Jackie North

Kaje Harper

Samuel York

Kris Jacen

Dora Esquivel

Lynn Michaels

Amalia May

Megs Pritchard

Ashlynn Mills

Jax Stuart

Charlie Godwyne

CJ Barlowe

A.M. Snead


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❤️🧡💛💚💙 ═ 🏳️‍🌈═❤️🧡💛💚💙

Midnight - Cover.jpg

Midnight in the Renaissance Elevator

Charity Anthology


Do you like mechanical devices with personality? Sure, who doesn’t? How about when they hold your life in the palm of their hands? Hmm…less sure now, yes? Don’t worry, you’re gonna love this.

At an LGBTQ literary retreat in October of 2022, a group of authors met a particularly cantankerous elevator. Doors slamming open or closed for no apparent reason? Check. Scary noises, also for no apparent reason? Also, check. Were we concerned for our lives? Okay, listen…

This cranky elevator figured heavily into conversations for the next few days, many of which included expletives in a dozen languages, but eventually, it became a (somewhat) beloved mascot. Some people actually chose it over the other elevators!

The resulting mayhem is over twenty-five different author takes on the underlying story behind the elevator’s peculiar behavior. Possession? Poltergeists? Personified mechanical objects? Vampires?

All these unique stories come together in one volume: Midnight in the Renaissance Elevator. Join us as we attempt to explain the unexplainable, rationalize the unrationalizable, and give imagination free rein.

Proceeds for the sale of this book benefit The Trevor Project, which provides crisis support services to LGBTQ young people. More information can be found about this worthy cause at

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