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Coming 12/26/23

Bad news always comes in threes.


Who would think the mailman could ruin a perfect day? Certainly not chef Granger Braden, who’s about to start his dream career with the renowned La Patisserie Bakery in Paris. Until he opens one of his beloved Aunt Maggie’s signature pink envelopes and reads her simple note: “I’m happy for your success, but I need you to come home now.”


The vision Granger had of his future crumbles at his feet. It can’t get worse, he thinks until he arrives home to find a stranger living in the apartment above Aunt Maggie’s bakery.


Carter Stone had a successful contractor business and life he shared with his lover and business partner. Then tragedy strikes when the world shuts down. The jobs, Carter’s partner, and his finances all disappear like a wisp of smoke.


Just as he’s coming up for air, tragedy strikes again and a fatal accident leaves Carter’s resentful nephew CJ in need of a guardian.


When they meet, Granger and Carter distrust each other immediately. Survival becomes the catalyst forcing them to grow close quickly and help each other rebuild their lives.


But tragedy strikes for the third time when CJ goes missing.

This is an age gap, enemies-to-lovers, romantic holiday tale.

Only a Christmas miracle can give this story a happy ever after.


I believe. Do You?

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Damage Controlled

Book 3 in the Don't Ask, Don't Tell series


What do you do when you find yourself stuck:
East of the Rock…

As Phoenix, Teddy is the reigning Queen of Drag Star, bringing the spark that sets the competition ablaze. However, Teddy’s tired of hiding behind his drag corsets. He’s ready to live his truth and build a committed relationship like his parents and best friends have. Revealing his secret could make it all happen or destroy everything he’s worked so hard for.

West of the Hard Place…

The VA dealt Gregory a crappy hand. All he wants is what he deserves so his life can gain some semblance of normal: a service dog to keep him safe from seizures and fair compensation for his service-connected brain injuries. Maybe then he’ll finally be able to find the one thing he desires most…Love.

Trauma brings Gregory and Teddy together. Catastrophe binds them in a fight for survival. The struggle is real and the possibilities are endless but only if each has what it takes to help the other heal.

Is their fast and fragile relationship strong enough to bring all the damage under control?

New Release

Midnight in the Renaissance Elevator

Charity Anthology


Do you like mechanical devices with personality? Sure, who doesn’t? How about when they hold your life in the palm of their hands? Hmm…less sure now, yes? Don’t worry, you’re gonna love this.

At an LGBTQ literary retreat in October of 2022, a group of authors met a particularly cantankerous elevator. Doors slamming open or closed for no apparent reason? Check. Scary noises, also for no apparent reason? Also, check. Were we concerned for our lives? Okay, listen…

This cranky elevator figured heavily into conversations for the next few days, many of which included expletives in a dozen languages, but eventually, it became a (somewhat) beloved mascot. Some people actually chose it over the other elevators!

The resulting mayhem is over twenty-five different author takes on the underlying story behind the elevator’s peculiar behavior. Possession? Poltergeists? Personified mechanical objects? Vampires?

All these unique stories come together in one volume: Midnight in the Renaissance Elevator. Join us as we attempt to explain the unexplainable, rationalize the unrationalizable, and give imagination free rein.

Proceeds for the sale of this book benefit The Trevor Project, which provides crisis support services to LGBTQ young people. More information can be found about this worthy cause at


Author Signings

Author signings and cons are a great way to interact with readers. It affords time to answer questions., share favorite passages and get...

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