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Why must Fate insist on having the last word?

Spoiled rich kid Riko Walker has spent the past year roaming the New England coast, working hard to maintain the rudderless image his father believes. Riko doesn’t need his father, or anybody else. Until a beating leaves him broken and alone in the middle of nowhere.

Braxton Harper’s inner voice screams “don’t get involved!” when he finds a bloodied and beaten young man in a heap on the roadside. He’s gotten good at ignoring that voice, loading the stranger into his truck and promising a place to rest and heal.

The Titanic-sized chip on Riko’s shoulder makes Braxton want to drop this ungrateful brat and be on his way. After all, no one handed Braxton anything in life. He’s worked hard for what little he has. If Riko doesn’t want help, why bother?

Fate has no patience for their stubbornness, throwing the two together time after time. How can sparks fly between two so different men? And can move they move past ugly beginnings to find their common ground?


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